Monday, May 16, 2011


Long Poses

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This has been a definitely different semester than last when I took life drawing.  I feel that this semester was a lot more relaxed and that I produced better work than before.  It was really nice to have options in class and decide what I wanted to work on while still working with the class; this is also the reason i have more photos than required in my sets. This semester I wanted to focus more on portraiture since we didn’t get a chance to do that in our life drawing class last semester.  I was a little nervous to work on portraits since I literally knew nothing about them and didn’t know any of the landmarks of the face.  I worked independently while the rest of the class was doing long drawings and feel that I did a few good drawings a nice example of this would be long pose 13. The eyes in this portrait were a little difficult since they were closed, I was also looking down at the model which was a weird angle to be at, but overall I was fairly happy with the outcome of it since I didn't have much direction with it.  During the last week or so of the semester Amy went over the parts of the face, which helped put everything together and the different structures made more sense. I feel that the best portrait I did was long pose 21.  I feel that there is a close likeness to the model and that I did well using contour lines to show the different parts of the face; I especially like how I handled the nose. Compared to last semester this class went a lot smoother, mainly because it was a refresher course. I'm really anxious to use the knowledge I've gained in other mediums.  I'll be going to London this summer and will be studying painting and drawing and am hoping to use the figure in a lot of my work.  I'm hoping that my understanding of the body and ability to sketch it quickly (thank goodness for all those gestures!) will help me realistically portray people.  I still feel like I have a lot of work to do and a lot I need to continue practicing, but overall I'm happy with my progress.  I think some of my strengths are drawing with my whole shoulder and trying to show movement within the figure. I think that my hair in my self portrait is a good example of this. Some of my weaknesses are drawing too quickly and trying to overcome what my mind is telling me and just to draw what I see.  It has been a great semester; I've learned so much this year! It's been a great experience, thanks Amy!

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